I come from a legacy of men who reshaped the raw materials of the earth into new things. My great grandfather registered at Ellis Island as a saddle maker. My grandfather made leather hand gloves and valises. My father replaced leather with plastics, transforming petro-polymers into product packaging. At the root of all this physical manipulation is a deep affinity for materials and their physical properties; a keen sense of surface, weight, and malleability; and a haptic engagement with the world that connects the psyche to its base material relationship with reality.

At the root of my own work is the same haptic relationship to the material world. Every project is founded on the qualities of the materials; every drawing is motivated by the visceral contact between these materials.  All tendencies towards realistic representation are consciously avoided, to stay connected to the haptic physicality of the materials, their interactions, and the abstract imagery that arises from them.

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